Smart Trading Pools
Profitable cryptotrading bots are conducted by UT private pools.
Join the pools and earn money safely
Instant trading offers
Easy to manage
Stable income
Get access to
the trading pools
Our strategy is aimed at satisfying both beginner
traders and big crypto tycoons. UT provides
profitable and proper trading deals for our traders,
UT offers a flexible system of access to various pools
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Cards Shop
You can always buy simple access to the
trading pool if you want to participate in it
Buying wholesale access to the trading pools
you will save up to 25% on access to the pools
The Prime & Extra
access cards
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Trading pools
Every Prime card generates one Extra card
access to the pool that has the same income
Progress on Extra card creation is strictly
equal to the interest on ROI of Prime card
When the Extra card is created you can
activate this card with UT points, which you
can buy or earn from your referrals
How to instantly
boost my card
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Trading pools
Using a booster you can increase the pace of
return on investment of the boosted card
Using a booster, the income on investment on
a particular card is reduced
You can purchase a booster for various
increases in the rate of return on investment
Ultimate Trade
activation points
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Trading pools
Ultimate Trade points are required to activate
an extra access card of its generation
You can buy in the store the required amount
of UT points to activate the card you need
With each purchase of UT points by referrals
the sponsor will receive 50% of UT points
The Prime & Extra
referral cards
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Each color of the referral card has its points,
which are summed to get 100%, after which the
Prime referral card opens. For example: To get
one Green Prime referral card, the sponsor needs
to score 100 green referral points
Traders will get the same color Prime referral
card as the referral purchased, and the card will
generate another Extra referral card, as a result,
there is an opportunity to double profit
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