Attract and earn
with Ultimate Trade
Clear five-level
affiliate program
Transparent conditions
10-10-10-10-10 with the policy that
the referral will be in the
structure forever
referral cards
In addition to their purchased
access cards, the sponsor can
open equal referral access
trading cards
Referral income
from deposit
Every sponsor who refers his referrals to UT
platform gets referral fee from deposits.
10% first level commission
10% second level commission
10% third level commission
10% fourth level commission
10% fifth level commission
Ultimate Trade
activation points
Ultimate Trade activation points are required to activate a
regular or referral extra access card of its generation
Earn UT activation points
With each purchase of UT points by referrals
the sponsor receives 50% of UT points
Purchasing the UT points package
A trader can buy in the UT store the required
amount of UT points to activate the Extra card
Do not waste time,
spread your link
Simple and smart conditions of the affiliate program make
it easy to earn additional income in various ways
Get instant referral commissions according to
the five-level affiliate program from deposits
Earn referral points from card purchases by
your referrals and open referral Prime access cards
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